In FSS, we’re doing community differently and I adore how Rosie holds space for members to not be focused just on gains, wins, or cutting each other down. We get the chance to be supported while having our fellow women bolster us up. And from that we learn how to show up personally and professionally as who we are.

For being a former people-pleaser, Rosie has helped me know what aligns in my spirit and then stand in it unapologetically. And in this space, I love having a whole group of women doing the same!

For the last decade, I have sought Rosie’s feedback and opinions for decisions that impact my professional and personal worlds.

Rosie is a wonderful listener and often poses thought provoking questions to make you think deeply. She is passionate about helping others align their values and work towards a life they are proud of.

Over the years, she has helped me to stand confident in my beliefs and be more assertive with what I want in life.

Everyone needs support and Rosie has been that for me – I’ll be forever grateful.

– Dani Smith

Talk to people that rise you up, find your tribe, seek unbiased counselling, converse with real people… I’d heard it so many times but didn’t know what it meant until I met Rosie.

I love our conversations that keep me on the path to my higher self.

Love her podcast and her ability to extract such wonderful stories, so many gold nuggets.